Tenant-Ready™ is our comprehensive programme, developed for landlords and operators, to create pre- fitted, or fitted-to-demand, office space.

The service is aimed at the Cat A+, flex, managed, serviced and coworking markets; in fact, any situation where the fit out is not acquired by the tenant. It consists of the
design, fit out, furnishing and support of plug-and-play workplaces together with technology integration, marketing, maintenance, logistics and financing as required.


The world is changing.

Tenants are increasingly seeking flexibility in their lease terms, and do not wish to deploy their own capital into fit outs and furniture. By 2025 a third of office tenancy take-up could be to pre-fitted, or fitted-to- demand, office space. In response, landlords, agents and operators are seeking businesses that can support their products and services in this rapidly evolving market.

Why Modus?

We have more experience in the specification and provision of pre-fitted space than any other company in the UK. We count amongst our clients many of the world’s leading operators, landlords, agents and asset managers. When you deal with the Tenant-Ready™ team at Modus you’ll get access to this depth of expertise and comprehensive breadth of service.

Tenant-Ready™ can be delivered throughout the UK and Europe.

What are we offering?

The Tenant-Ready™ programme has been developed over many years and extends well beyond design and

Our sole objective is to help our clients to let their office space faster, more cost effectively, and for longer periods.

To do this we apply our full range of upfront consultancy services through to downstream implementation and support; treating every building as a unique proposition for its local market.

Each client is different and we tailor-make our approach to suit, however, there are activities common to most projects:

Feasibility and consultancy

We can provide full due diligence on the building and use our data services to give an insight into pre-fitted demand in that area. All this helps to define the most appropriate product for the local market in terms of unit size, design, features and price point.

Dedicated design services

The Tenant-Ready™ design team specialises in creating outstanding spaces, tailored to the building, operator or tenant. We are experts in planning highly efficient spaces, maximising occupancy whilst maintaining comfort and marketability. We also understand that our fit outs may live through multiple tenancies, so we design for flexibility and longevity. Our process includes early production of 3D photo-real images which can also be used for pre-marketing.

Technology integration

Plug-and-play office space needs to do exactly that. We provide everything from the internet connection through to the local network through WIFI and wired LAN. Furthermore, we’ll look after audio visual, security systems and, if required, can install a range of sensors to monitor environmental conditions and usage.


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