Lindsay Dowden

Lindsay Dowden

Managing Director

Lindsay joined Modus as Sales Director in 2013 and became Managing Director in 2019 having worked in senior roles for some of the most recognised companies in the sector since 1992.

“I admired Modus’s work for many years before I had the chance to join the business and am now delighted to be leading the most talented team in the industry, and the most trusted brand.

My early experiences with WPP Group taught me that workplace change projects are successful when they are fully aligned with the strategic objectives of the business, engage the workforce throughout, and have fantastic design at their heart.  Modus has always operated on these principles, and we have an extraordinary track record of delivering transformative projects for our clients as a result.

I’m incredibly proud of my team and the role that Modus is able to play in the wider operations of Workplace Futures Group.  I look forward to many more years of creating incredible workplaces and providing outstanding service for our clients.”

Vidhi Sharma

Vidhi Sharma

Creative Director

Vidhi graduated from the University of Ryerson, Toronto with a degree in interior design, and came to the UK in 2007.  She joined Modus in 2013 and was promoted to the Board in 2019.

“My passion for the Design and Build industry began when I emigrated from Toronto, Canada and started a new life in London, a place that I always viewed as the vanguard of global office fit out.

Working for other D&B companies and latterly Modus, I have had the privilege of creating workplaces for some of the world’s leading companies in iconic architectural buildings, such as the Shard, the Leadenhall Building and 22 Bishopsgate. Naturally curious with an intrigue for the components of brand; I strive to create a positive impact on both the individual and the business. All these elements combined ensure that I have the fundamentals to design a successful and harmonious workplace for the end user.

Whilst I will always work on my own clients’ projects, I also lead a large, multi-disciplined team of designers, 3D artists and technicians.  Our aim is to be the most foremost workplace design team in the UK and to do that we have assembled an incredibly talented group of people who love working together, inspire each other and delight their clients.”

Josie Britton

Josie Britton

Operations Director

Josie has a degree in architecture and worked for a number of years as a project manager prior to joining the pre-construction team at Modus in 2012. She became Modus’s youngest ever Board Director in 2019.

“My role is to ensure that the client experience is as good as it can be, and particularly to look after our many framework and repeat business clients who typically provide 60% of our turnover in any one year.

My multi-disciplined background has given me an acute appreciation for the challenges and obstacles that the project teams encounter, whilst also understanding the priorities of our clients and their advisers.  I encourage our teams to collaborate, learn lessons, and strive for continuous improvement.  I also keep all our systems and processes under review and development to ensure that the client experience is positive and stress-free.

We have a simple ethos at Modus: a happy client will be a repeat client.  My job is to make that happen; every time.”

Ryan Brough

Ryan Brough

Sales Director

Ryan has worked in various roles within the construction sector since 2001 and left consultancy behind to take on a new challenge contractor-side in 2013. He is MBA (Construction and Real Estate) qualified and was elected a professional member of the RICS in 2010. Ryan has been with Modus since 2014, initially as a Project Director, before being invited to join the Board in 2020.

“I arrived at Modus as a fairly green, enthusiastic Project Director and have spent the most enjoyable and instructive years of my career here.

Having worked on large construction projects across Europe, Asia and Australasia, I was largely unprepared for the dynamic and competitive world of Design and Build. There is nothing like it and I absolutely love it.

I am responsible for the front end of the business - finding opportunities, managing and developing relationships and leading our multi-disciplinary teams of professionals to deliver stunning projects. I remain “hands on” and still fulfil the role of Project Director for many of our fantastic clients.”

Tibor Diossi

Tibor Diossi

Finance Director

Tibor is the group finance director and is also responsible for human resources and strategic IT within the group. Tibor is a chartered accountant and also an economics graduate, who has vast experience in various finance positions in facilities management, prior to joining Modus in 2008.

Dr Toby Benzecry

Dr Toby Benzecry

Founder and Group CEO

Toby has a Doctorate from Warwick Business School, an MBA and degrees in Mathematics and Engineering.  He founded Modus in the winter of 1991 after an early career in manufacturing, management consultancy and architecture.

“I conceived Modus as a consultancy with a mission to help businesses make the most of relocation events.  That’s still an abiding interest; my doctoral thesis was titled: “How should organisations use change of workplace to improve performance”.  However, it became obvious in Modus’s early days that our clients wanted much more than advice: we added design and build within the first year and have been operating as a turnkey creator of workplaces since then.

My role as CEO of Workplace Futures Group, the holding company, is very much advisory since the four operating companies have extremely competent Boards.  I am fortunate to have been able to attract outstanding talent to come and work with me; some of my colleagues have been in the business for well over twenty years.  This makes my life very easy.

I still spend most of my time on client projects.  Over thirty years’ experience of doing this should count for something so I hope that my presence on project teams is welcomed!  It also gives me the opportunity to mentor some of the younger members of our team.”